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Easily stay abreast of what you care about most in Jamestown.

Email Alerts enables you to easily stay informed about Jamestown area matters. See the About section below for more information. To easily stay informed about national legislation and to have a voice with your national representatives, visit IssueVoter.org which helped inspire Email Alerts.

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About Email Alerts (Click a title to read/close.)

When you subscribe by clicking the Get Email Alerts button above, you’ll first select the specific topics of interest to you. Then you’ll receive brief and informative emails in your Inbox about upcoming events or decisions ONLY when it relates to one of your topics.  You’ll only receive a few emails at any one time.

Email Alerts is designed to help with some existing residents’ engagement and government transparency opportunities. It’s inspired by two factors: one national (IssueVoter.org) and one local (Jamestown’s Comprehensive Plan concerning residents’ involvement and having a greater voice in their town’s governance, starting with staying informed).  To find out more see below for “What is the origin, role and benefits of Email Alerts?”

For your convenience, to ensure that you know what’s going on, and to give you an opportunity to have a say in the issues that matter to you. You can easily email your representatives (using the email links in the sidebar) and/or know when you should attend a town board meeting to make your voice heard.

Because we’re starting with a few volunteer “correspondents,” the alerts currently being posted fall into these categories:

  1. Upcoming Jamestown board meeting agenda items related to your interests (so you can know if your attendance at the board meeting is warranted).
  2. Decisions made by the board related to your interests (as reported by our “correspondents” attending town board meetings).
  3. Other newsworthy items related to your interests that show up on our radar, e.g., county issues that affect the local community.

NOT COVERED at this time are community updates, special presentations, and “Discussion” agenda items (we encourage people to attend meetings to participate in those), and town business that’s relatively mundane but important to running the town (for example, votes on contracts or reauthorizing collection of property taxes).

Alert coverage depends on the availability of volunteer correspondents. As the number of Email Alerts subscribers and volunteer correspondents increases, we’ll consider extending to other opportunities. Drop us a line if you’d like to find out more about being a volunteer correspondent.

Email Alerts is a collaborative effort of the Jamestown Speaks core team, correspondents, and community advisors. The following describes its origins, the role of email alerts, and benefits.


Email Alerts is inspired by two factors, one national and one local. . .

First, there’s a new national website called IssueVoter.org that enables people to selectively opt in to following the U.S. Congress on issues of interest by receiving email alerts on upcoming legislation and outcomes.

The second factor is the (draft) of Jamestown’s updated Comprehensive Plan that acknowledges the need to expand opportunities to:

“Create a more open, transparent, participatory and inclusive local government.”

” . . . seek the involvement of diverse groups of residents on community issues and in Town-sponsored activities,” and

” . . . expand opportunities for all residents to have a voice in the community, and monitor and acknowledge the desires, needs, and suggestions of all community members.”

We believe that residents will be supported in having a voice by being well informed in the first place about what’s going on. That’s where Email Alerts comes in.

The Comprehensive Plan also acknowledges the limited town resources and encourages citizen volunteers to help get things done. In fact, some things like Email Alerts may only get done because of volunteers.

With these inspirations, the Jamestown Speaks team realized that a scaled-down town version of IssueVoter.org could be implemented on the Jamestown Speaks website in what we have called the “Email Alerts” feature. In doing so, we hope to contribute to helping to satisfy some of the residents’ engagement and government transparency opportunities outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.

The Role of Email Alerts

The question also comes up: The town publishes Agendas and meeting minutes. What benefit does Email Alerts provide? First, we want to be clear, the purpose of Email Alerts is NOT to replace or supplant what the town does. The town publications are the official record.

Email Alerts is only intended to provide some newspaper-like reporting functions—if Jamestown had a newspaper.


The benefits are:

  • Focus on what matters to you: Town government does a lot, but some residents may only be interested in their own hot-button issues. By signing up for alerts on specific topics, it’s much easier for you to stay abreast of what you care about vs. waiting for and culling through meeting minutes to discover the outcomes that are of interest to you.
  • Easily know what’s being addressed at upcoming board meetings on topics that are important to you. For better or worse, most residents do not attend town board meetings and, we suspect, don’t watch for the board meeting agendas that are published shortly before board meetings (at least 24 hours in advance by law). By receiving Email Alerts on upcoming agenda items that come right to your Inbox, you’ll know what’s upcoming and can decide on short notice whether it’s important enough for you to attend and have a voice. We hope this will actually increase attendance at board meetings.
  • Easily keep informed about legislative outcomes on topics that are important to you. We suspect most residents are not constantly visiting the town website to look for newly-published meeting minutes. By receiving alerts on legislative outcomes, you’ll know what’s been decided on many town board agenda items.
  • Receive timely outcome alerts. Because of the thorough process that the board goes through to approve minutes before they are published, it can be a month or more before outcomes are made available on the town website. Although we’re not yet in a position to commit to a specific timeliness, we anticipate that we can report on outcomes within days of a board meeting, resulting in faster awareness.
  • Easily keep track of bottomline outcomes. Often people just want to know the bottomline: What was decided on Issue X? Email Alerts will report a brief outcome summary so you know the decision and how the board voted. The details about how the issue came about and the discussion leading up to it is not in our purview. We’ll stick to brief summary statements of the outcomes and who voted and how. If we happen to report something significantly wrong, we’ll correct it as soon as it’s brought to our attention with a follow-up alert. If you do want to know more about an outcome you can easily contact your representatives by email using the links we provide, or you can be on the outlook for the minutes when they are published.
  • Easily see all the published alerts at any time. All the Email Alerts that have been published are readily available at any time by going to the Alerts tab of the Jamestown Speaks website. There you’ll find a chronological list of all the published alerts (by title) that’s easy to scan; you can expand a title to read the complete alert, including town board vote outcomes when there was a vote. By clicking the View Outcomes Only button, you can also access a filtered list of just outcomes. The Email Alerts feature was started in the Fall of 2016 so the alerts are all subsequent to that.
  • Easily contact your representatives. Do you have something to say to your town representatives before a vote is taken or about an outcome? Do you know who your town representatives are? It’s easy to communicate with them by email by going to the Alerts tab of the Jamestown Speaks website and using the contact links in the sidebar.

Bottomline, our goal is to help support an informed citizenry and promote citizens’ engagement. We think Email Alerts will help in that regard.


No new items to show right now.

Alerts for Past Month

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/ Alert, Flood Recovery, Outcome

The following updates were provided at the 6/4/2018 town board mtg.:

  • Work on County Rd. 94 through town will begin at the end of June and is scheduled to continue through October. The contractor is saying the section below town will be done by July 1, although it’s not clear if that includes resurfacing. Opinions expressed at the meeting were “that seems optimistic.”
  • The lower Main St. bridge one lane detour will be in place by Friday, June 8. The project is scheduled to be completed in September.
  • Gillespie Gulch is substantially complete, needing only a letter from the engineers and reflectors for the guard rail.

NOTE: With a big round of new construction about to start in town both for the road and the bridge there will be the associated equipment, noise and vibrations. This could trigger some people’s PTSD. Please do what you have to do to take care of yourself.

/ Alert, Outcome, Quality of Life

The following items were approved and/or discussed at the 6/4/18 board mtg.:

Volunteer Recognition: Arne Metzger is the first recipient of the Volunteer Recognition Award. Trustee Heather Yahnke nominated him for his outstanding service to the tow, including his work on the community garden, installing the mirror on Andersen Hill, and his role as fire chief. Arne will receive a gift certificate to the Merc. There will be an award each month through December.

4th of July: Plans are moving forward. Volunteer sign up sheets should be posted at the Merc. There are some changes this year. The pancake breakfast returns to the town square. Afternoon food in the park will be a taco bar. Fireworks are planned, but subject to cancellation if fire bans are in place

Votes on Volunteer Recognition Award:
Ken Lenarcic: Non-Voting
Chad Droste: For
Heather Yahnke: For
Joe Brancado: For
Michael Box: For
Scott Golden: For
Vic Harris: Absent

/ Alert, Outcome, Town Operations

The following items were discussed and/or approved at the 6/4/18 board mtg.:

Mayor’s Report: In the interest of full transparency, Mayor Lenarcic presented a report on his activities since becoming mayor. Click here to see the report. Ken said it was a lot of work to prepare this and he couldn’t necessarily commit to doing it every month.

Committee AppointmentsTrustee Golden was approved to serve on both the Stewardship Advisory Group and the Land Use and Housing Advisory Committee. The resolution for each committee permits up to two Trustees as regular participants.

Next Board MeetingThe board approved having the next board meeting on July 2.

Votes on committee approvals and board meeting date:
Ken Lenarcic: Non-Voting
Chad Droste: For
Heather Yahnke: For
Joe Brancado: For
Michael Box: For
Scott Golden: For
Vic Harris: Absent

/ Alert, Infrastructure, Outcome

The following was approved at the 6/4/2018 board meeting:

New Cemetery Rules: The board approved an emergency ordinance establishing cemetery rules for the Jamestown cemetery. It covers who has burial rights, how to apply for them, burial procedures, grave monuments, grave-site maintenance and other topics. Click here to read the ordinance. 

NOTE: The new cemetery rules may be different from what you think the rules are or have been and what your burial rights are in the Jamestown cemetery. We recommend taking the time to read the ordinance so that, if appropriate, the relevant information can be communicated to loved ones and/or your wishes reflected in your will.

Votes on new cemetery rules:
Ken Lenarcic: Non-Voting
Chad Droste: For
Heather Yahnke: For
Joe Brancado: For
Michael Box: For
Scott Golden: For
Vic Harris: Absent

/ Alert, Quality of Life, Upcoming

The following item is on the agenda for the 6/4/18 board mtg:

4th of July Celebration: Update from the Town Clerk regarding status of volunteerism for 4th of July celebration. Last month the Board approved the budget, but we need help in the form of community members stepping up to take responsibility for making July 4th a success. This has always been a community led endeavor that has benefited the Volunteer Fire Department. We cannot do this without you.

Click here for the meeting board packet.

Jamestown Speaks wants to acknowledge and thank the new town administration for providing reader-friendly descriptions of the board meeting agenda items.

/ Alert, Town Operations, Upcoming

The following items are on the agenda for the 6/4/18 board mtg:

Volunteer Recognition: Last month the Board initiated the first steps in a volunteer recognition program. The volunteer for the month will be named and will receive a gift certificate to the Merc. Board members will take turns each month by nominating a recipient. We are looking for ideas to grow this program.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations Ordinance The cemetery is running out of room. This ordinance includes a process for utilizing the cemetery, as well as a number of prohibitions. Foremost is a restriction on full casket burials and a process for determining who is eligible for burial. Persons and families who plan to be buried in Jamestown should read these regulations carefully. Eligibility and other issues may be resolved by the full Board or the Chair of the Cemetery Committee, but they should be presented well in advance of the need for cemetery services. The ordinance includes an emergency clause in order to allow the Chair to begin addressing any claims to burial sites immediately.

Appointment to Committees: Trustee Golden has volunteered to participate in both the Stewardship Advisory Group and the Land Use and Housing Advisory Committee. The resolution for each permits up to two Trustees as regular participants.

July 2 Meeting: Because of the holiday on July 4th, we want to be sure we have a quorum for that meeting. If necessary, we can move the meeting to the following Monday.

Click here for the meeting board packet.

Jamestown Speaks wants to acknowledge and thank the new town administration for providing reader-friendly descriptions of the board meeting agenda items.