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Hazing Team Overview


We need your help!


Citizens of Jamestown must take personal responsibility for our homes, cars and property. For those who want to do more, we are asking for volunteers in various task forces outlined below.


Personal Responsibility

We cannot sufficiently protect bears and the community without everyone’s participation.


One undefended home with easy access to food spells disaster for a hungry bear and increases the chances that the same bear will expend extra effort to get into a more fortified home nearby. Don’t be that neighbor who attracts and encourages bear break-ins! Find out if you’re taking the right steps, and how to step up your game to help your property and our bears: Bear-Proof Your Property.


Save Our Bears Task Force Leaders and Volunteers Needed

We all know Jamestown has star power when it comes to donating our valuable time to maintain a safe, thriving and welcoming community! The Save Our Bears committee is looking for volunteers to be leaders and helpers in the task forces identified in the list below. If you have a talent for one of these jobs, or if it sparks your interest at all, please reach out to the point of contact (POC) listed or Michelle Durant to lend your hand to this noblest of pursuits! (See Contact Us for phone numbers and email addresses.)


Jamestown Save Our Bears Task Forces:

1) Proactive Deterrents

1a) Hazing Committee

  • This group is responsible for organizing hazing posses to respond immediately and en masse to any bear sightings or incidents. Includes area leaders (see Hazing page), phone chains to communicate with posse members and surround homeowners, and patrol organization.
  • The group will identify best practices from ‘model communities’ and put them into action.

1b) Deterrents Group

  • Members will research personal property deterrents, disseminate information, assess community needs for loaner bear deterrents (e.g., electric mats) and organize a lending library of such deterrents.
  • Members will offer services for inspection of houses and risk identification if requested by homeowners.

1c) Construction Crew

POC: Matthew DeForest, 52 High St

  • Members will offer their services to anyone needing assistance in bolstering their home fortifications against wildlife, including installation of purchased electric fencing/hotwire systems, replacing of door/window hardware and protective screens, and securing of trash/garden/compost areas.


2) Education, Outreach and Communication

2a) Education/Training Group

POC: Lisa Cass

  • Members will arrange town meetings as well as education and trainings from outside groups.

2b) Kids Group – education, artwork, outreach

POC: Laura Williams?

  • This group will work with Jamestown Elementary School to educate our most enthusiastic residents, the children of town, to spread the word about bear awareness through multifaceted and mixed-media projects.

2c) Art and Beautification Committee

POC: Joy Boston

  • Calling all bear-loving artists! This network will promote living in harmony with bears and wildlife through artistic expressions around town, keeping true to the mountain way of communication and education. You’ve already seen their gorgeous signs lining the entrance to town!

2d) Data Collectors

POC: Michelle Durant

  • Members will work with residents to create a transparent and informative data catalog of bear-related activities and responses in our community.
  • The group created the Bear Tracker online reporting tool to keep informed of bear movements and habits as well as problem areas.
  • The group summarized and published results of the Spring 2016 Bear Survey.
  • Members will design a Community Bear Management Plan resulting from an assessment of entry points, habitat and food sources (i.e., through the use of Bear Tracking, resident reports and wildlife cameras).

2e) Community Outreach Group

POC: Allison Jaynes, 52 High St

  • Members will organize QT communication and outreach to residents, create flyers as needed and populate the Save Our Bears website pages.

2f) Jamestown Government and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) liaisons

  • These individuals will communicate between town and state governments to support the goals of the Jamestown Save Our Bears group.

3) Group Sustainability

3a) Long-Term Planning Committee

  • Members will organize materials, meeting notes and secretarial data to keep institutional knowledge intact for future years.

3b) Fundraising Committee

  • Members will explore 501(c)(3) status; track and disperse donations from the community; and apply for grant funding to bring bear-proofing materials (e.g., bear-resistant trashcans) into the community for need-based distribution.